What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Undoubted Loyalty From The Start To The Finish

My son was arrested as a juvenile (charged as an adult) and faced two life sentences, for crimes he never committed. Mr. Rutgers showed us utmost respect, loyalty and faith that was unexpected due to our experience with attorneys in San Mateo County. Throughout our case, Mr. Rutgers never let us down, he was on top of everything and handled things in a timely fashion. From the start, Mr. Rutgers believed in my son's innocence. My son's case exceeded a very stressful nine months and due to my son's impatience, when the district attorney offered a plea bargain a number of factors caused his desire to accept the deal. Nonetheless, Mr. Rutgers did not allow it, and the case continued and finally dismissed for reasons I am unable to state. Mr. Rutgers conveys a high level of professionalism that is unmatched. With his no-nonsense demeanor and keen sense of the law, without a doubt Mr. Rutgers definitely is "the man." I highly recommend Mr. Rutgers for any serious and/or difficult case that one may be faced with. Give him a call and listen to his advice. Mr. Rutgers can show you better than I can tell you for sure.

- Seante, Client's Mother

An Incredible Attorney Who Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

I used Gerritt for my criminal defense case. Despite it being a misdemeanor, I could have ended up with some jail time or at best community service.

Gerritt got me off with a very small fine and probation.

Since I had some major extenuating circumstances, this saved me a lot of trouble and embarrassment.

Gerritt took my case and for a very reasonable retainer went right to work and represented me in court.

I couldn't possibly be happier with Gerritt or the services he provided.

If you have trouble with the law, then I highly recommend hiring Gerritt Rutgers to represent you.

-Bruce, Client

Dare V Jukich And The County Of San Mateo

Mr. Rutgers did a fine job on representing me as one of his clients. Not only did he treat me as a client he treated me as a human being.

-Steven, Client

Gerritt is widely recognized as one of the finest criminal defense lawyers in San Mateo County. He is hardworking, experienced and fights like hell for each of his clients. He is a no-nonsense attorney who takes cases to jury trial and WINS on a regular basis. If you're looking for a compassionate, hand-holding lawyer who will make you feel good about your case no matter how bad the facts are, there are plenty of sweet but less-effective lawyers who will gladly take your money. If you are facing criminal charges and need a true advocate who will protect your rights, make your goal his own and obtain the best possible outcome, hire Gerritt. You won't get a better result with any other lawyer, period.

-David Avila, Fellow Juvenile Law Attorney in the Community

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