A History Of Providing Successful Results

My client went shopping at Costco. A week later, the police were calling him for a statement. Costco security claimed they had my client on video switching out a cheaper, previously paid for bottle of wine for a bottle worth over $500.00. Instead of providing any statements, my client called me. Video in hand, the DA filed theft charges. The offer to plead guilty was rejected and the case was sent out for trial. Two days later, it was dismissed following the filing of carefully researched pretrial motions.

My 16-year-old client was sent directly to adult court where he faced life in prison for allegedly kidnapping, robbing and pistol-whipping the "victim." He was arrested at the scene with a pistol in his pocket. At preliminary hearing, through careful investigation and cross-examination, I was able to demonstrate that my client was being exploited by a sophisticated madam, who was using him for muscle while her girls provided "massages" in local motel rooms. The "victim" was shown to be abusive of one of the working women and my client kicked him out. Angry that he didn't get a "refund," the "victim" called the cops. Following the preliminary hearing, the most serious of the charges were dismissed and my client was returned to juvenile court.

My 17-year-old client was sent directly to adult court where he faced two life sentences for allegedly kidnapping and robbing two 15-year-old boys at knifepoint. Both boys identified my client as the perpetrator. Through investigation, I was able to put my client in the back of an Uber at the time of the robbery and convince the DA they had the wrong person in custody. The case was dismissed.

My client was in the backseat of a car stopped for a traffic violation. There was a shoebox at his feet, inside of which was a kilo of pure cocaine. In his pocket was a half gram of cocaine for personal use — or so he claimed. He was charged with narcotics trafficking and faced certain deportation. Through careful legal research and writing, I was able to get the trafficking charges dismissed and his possession case sent to drug court and eventually dismissed.

My client had a layover at SFO and decided to contact a stranger for a massage. The stranger turned out to be an undercover officer with Burlingame PD. My client was arrested and faced some pretty embarrassing charges. I was able to settle the matter discretely with a reduced charge, a fine and an opportunity to clear his record. He never had to appear in court, serve a sentence in jail or preform any other obligations in San Mateo County, other than pay the fine.

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