A Drunk Driving Charge Shouldn’t Cost Everything

You're pulled over, and even though you didn't feel drunk you are charged with a DUI. Although it didn't seem serious at the time, a DUI comes with major consequences. A first-time DUI charge in California carries a fine of up to $1,000. A first DUI can also result in jail time, a suspended license and possible probation. For subsequent offenses, the consequences become increasingly more severe.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Gerritt A. Rutgers knows how much is at stake with any charges that you are facing. Attorney Rutgers has defending the citizens of the Redwood City area for over 25 years from DUI charges. With extensive experience in defending his clients in and out of court, Mr. Rutgers is a proven lawyer dedicated to providing the best possible outcome from the DUI charges that you may face.

Don't Lose Everything By Doing Nothing

A successful conviction in drunk driving can cost you massive financial costs, result in loss of driving rights and even result in loss of your personal freedom with jail time. These kinds of marks on your record can then tarnish your future as well. By putting a DUI on your record, you are risking receiving an increase in your insurance rates and jeopardizing your current job and even your future career endeavors.

As part of his representation in DUI cases, attorney Rutgers will:

  • Thoroughly investigate your matter
  • Be with you at every court appearance and hearing
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to reduce or eliminate the consequences of a DUI charge
  • Retain experts and investigators to testify on your behalf
  • Contest test results concerning breath and blood tests
  • Cross-examine arresting officers and witnesses for the prosecution at trial

We will do everything in our power to reduce the consequences of any DUI charge you face. We will be there to address your concerns from the time you retain us until the final resolution of your matter.

Let Us Assist You

With your freedom and future on the line, choose someone who knows what the fight ahead is bringing, and how to fight back. Contact us at 650-399-0953 and begin protecting your rights today.