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Attorney Gerritt A. Rutgers has handled thousands of criminal matters from infractions to capital cases. His philosophy continues to hold that most cases will settle through negotiation with the district attorney and the judge.

These settlements ordinarily involve the charges being dismissed or reduced. Settlement is an excellent way to take control of the outcome of a case and look toward a lighter sentence, alternative sentencing leading to an eventual dismissal, or simply avoid the uncertainty and risk of a trial.

Ensuring your case settles in your favor takes an experienced attorney who is not afraid to argue motions and bring a case before jury where appropriate.

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Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Mr. Rutgers works with clients from the depth of his experience. He shows up on time every time for his clients. He has over 25 years of trial experience and trial success.

He can help you avoid going to court. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge there may be discreet settlement options available.

California lawyer Gerritt Rutgers focuses his practice in his home community of San Mateo County. Whether you are being investigated, need a precharge consultation or are seeking the full scope of criminal defense representation for yourself or a loved one facing a juvenile crime charge, contact Gerritt A. Rutgers Attorney at Law online or by calling 650-399-0953.

But He Handles Court-Appointed Work?

Mr. Rutgers is proud to provide top-quality advocacy to those who cannot otherwise afford an attorney.

Some might ask, why hire someone who takes cases for free?

Firstly, understand court-appointed cases are not free. The bills are simply paid differently.

Secondly, and more importantly, the vast majority of criminal defense work is handled by both public defenders and court-appointed attorneys who have dedicated their lives to ensuring their clients are not alone, not ignored and treated fairly no matter their financial circumstances.

Many attorneys are simply not qualified to do appointed work and instead find themselves running from county to county and practice area to practice area simply to keep the lights on.

Lastly, what that means for you, is having an attorney who is known and respected by both prosecutors and judges. Mr. Rutgers is current, dedicated, skilled and in tiptop shape. Everyone knows even the best professional athletes will not remain competitive without daily training and exercise.

Why would you want a part-time attorney? Why would you want an attorney who has appearances in so many different arenas that they are not there with you when your case is called?

Peace of mind comes with an attorney who is there with you, who answers your calls, who remembers your case details and who is dedicated to serving the citizens of San Mateo County.

Gerritt A. Rutgers Attorney at Law in Redwood City brings a realistic approach in plain language to its clients. Our attorney is straightforward and makes no false promises to his clients. Call his office at 650-399-0953, or reach out to him online.